Society Unseen

Society Unseen is a film that follows a network of local West Australian surfers, cinematographers, pilots and like minded individuals, “redefining what’s rideable” as they push the boundaries of surf adventure.

The 4 minute clip took over a year to shoot and edit and was designed to build awareness and hype for what would hopefully one day become a full feature length production.

Within a week of being released the video had clocked up over 300,000 views and landed itself on the Vimeo Staff Pick homepage.

Working closely along side production company Cinemachine, with cinematographers Rick Rifici, Michael McDermott and Michael Elsegood, Boogie Monster were able to help keep a high production value throughout the entire process.

Shot on a variety of different 4K cameras including RED Dragon and a Phantom Flex, capable of shooting up to 1000 frames per second, the sheer amount of data involved in a project like this quickly became clear.

The final clip speaks for itself and is something that everyone involved can be proud of.