The Shallows

What started out as a small portfolio of visual effects shots, quickly turned into a much larger project, with the film’s director, Jaume Collet-Serra embracing the creative elements that the team designed and created under the watchful eye of visual effects supervisor, Nathan McGuinness. The team went on to edge-out a number of internationally renowned companies to win the bid for the opening and closing main title sequences of the film, a decision that was testament to the hard work and trust built up between the US-based producers and Boogie Monster.

Boogie Monster’s leading VFX artist Phil Hew said “it was inspiring to be part of something truly international and to be working with a director on the other side of the world who trusted us with his vision”.

The project is a historic milestone, with Boogie Monster becoming the first West Australian facility to have worked on a big-budget Hollywood studio film, totalling over AUD$150 million at the box office.

Moving large amounts of data from the west coast of USA to the west coast of Australia (and back) posed no real challenge due to Boogie Monster’s investment in the latest technology and infrastructure. The workflow used their in-house Gigabit fibre network in conjunction with high-speed file transfer technology to move files seamlessly between Los Angeles and Perth.

“The time difference between LA and Perth was perfectly suited as we were able to get a brief in the morning, work locally the whole day and then send work files into the evening, ready for viewing as soon as the director arrived for the LA morning” said Boogie Monster Managing Director, Steve Vojkovic.