Corporate & Web Video

Look around you. The world is changing and we can help you change with it. Everything is immediate, everything is fast and it’s our job to make sure your business is keeping up. Web Video on demand is the key to success. People watching what they want and when they want. So imagine the potential to have your messages available to millions of viewers across the world.

Corporate video and web video production can escalate your business to the next level. Your messages, your products, your training, your ideas available on smartphones, tablets and internet enabled devices on a global scale.

Why produce a Web Video?

Video content has impact far beyond words or slogans. In just a few minutes you can visually and emotionally connect with a customer, promote a product, inspire an audience and sell a story. And that’s not even talking about TV Commercials.

You can share it on a video channel, a webpage, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can insert a corporate video or web video into a presentation, attach it to a pitch or simply showcase it on site. The opportunities are endless and always-changing.

YouTube is now a top search engine (2nd after Google in fact), and with the free hosting offered by sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, it makes complete sense to host your video on these platforms and embed them on your site.

It’s a popular space and one you should be a part off, but standing out from the crowd is also essential and that’s where we, at boogie monster come in.

We create moving productions that empower your brand and increase traffic to your website. Online videos are increasing viewing audience day by day and by 2017 over 70% of total internet traffic will be as a result of viewing video content on the web.

So let us create for you a Web Video that embodies who you are, what you do and the business you offer.

Even better we can do it all in one location, one point of contact and one focus.

Every stage of the production process can be managed by us, ensuring your messages are translated with clarity and quality.