Digital Cinema Packages

Using industry leading DCP creation software, you can relax knowing that when it’s time for theatrical distribution, Boogie Monster has you covered. With the ability to create DCPs with encryption, language versioning, subtitling and more, as well as delivery on standardised CRU drives, you can ensure your project will arrive at the cinema exactly as you intended.

Delivery and LTO Backups

We deliver just about every format of digital media possible including DNxHR, ProRes , AS-11 DPP, DCP (Digital Cinema Package), DCDM, MXF (including DNxHD HDR), IMF, DPX and many more.

LTO tape is the industry standard for archiving and we can provide you the piece of mind and security of having your project safely transferred to LTO 5, 6 or 7 using either the LTFS or Argest / BRU file systems.

High Speed File Transfers

We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly deliver files and HDD’s to any given specification. Whether you have a screener or an entire 4K television series for international delivery, we can complete QC’s, legalisation and PSE tests in-house to ensure your project is delivered correctly without any fuss. Transferring large files across the globe is a breeze with our secure enterprise fibre connection, capable of simultaneous upload and download speeds up to 1000Mbps.